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Originally Posted by WitchKing View Post
One more thing. When I would kick it over, sometimes it would suddenly stop dead, and I would break my ankle. Is this normal? Oh. And the problem was i taped the wiring together wrong and some of the previously chopped up wires shorted. lol
should not stop dead. if it only stops dead when you had spark, your timing is off. if it stops dead without spark, you have other problems. test: put a spark plug in it, do not hook spark plug cap up. kick away. if it doesn't ever stop dead you have a timing issue. if it does stop dead you have a most likely major issue. with that in mind, if you only weigh 80 lbs, and were not kicking with authority, and it stopped, that could just be compression. here's a trick to make it easier to kick. push kicker over till you feel resistance. then a tiny bit more and you will feel resistance again.. then it will just turn easily. now, find the spot between those 2 points of resistance and kick away. this will give you maximum piston velocity when it comes back around to spark. hard to explain, but it works. basically push kicker slowly till you feel resistance, then push it a tiny bit more, then reset kicker, then kick away. disclaimer: if you break your ankle, that's not my fault.

when it ran, (not well), that could have been timing, and not carburetion. did it spit and buck? that's usually timing. if it just bogged/wouldn't rev, reluctant to take throttle, that's either not warmed up or carb problem. i'm assuming since you could not get it to run well, it still was never warmed up.
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