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many good points above regarding bikes for pachaug. just to add my 2 cents.

i got back into riding dirt after about 20 years off. started with an 09 klx250, and thought it was great, until i started riding pachaug. it is a really good dual sport, but I found that i was constantly breaking things, and felt like i was destroying it, and not enjoying it. The bike was way too heavy (and those who have seen me ride, know I need somethng lite weight to pick back up again )

so i picked up an '10 husky TE250. there is no comparison. and by that, i really can't compare the 2 bikes. if i wanted to have a bike for running around town, my 8 mile commute to work (non highway), the KLX250 would be the bike. the husky SUCKS on the road, but riding it on the trail is like a dream.

I am not saying go husky, but go with a bike similar to that (husky te250, ktm 250, etc) IF your primary goal for the vehicle is riding places like pachaug. I say my husky sucks on the road, but probably mostly because it has non DOT knobbies, and is geared for the trail (12-52 sprockets, for example). It was like this when i bought it used, so I never road it with milder tires and the original gearing it came from the factory with (neither did the PO, since he gave me the original sprockets, and they are still brand new). It is a bike that has a true street title (comes with blinkers, horn, mirror, etc, but it is what i call a real dirt bike).

one other point is I am vertically challenged too, so i put the 1" koubalink on the TE250 (and did not notice any ill effects on the road that some talk about, but I already said my bike SUCKS on the road, anyway). I can reach the ground (more or less) now.
2010 Husqvarna TE250
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