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The next few days were mostly filled with my feet up and me licking my wounds.. My neck strain and ankle were not impressed with me and insisted i stay off the wheels.

I woke up to this view from my room every morning.

And the day usually ended up looking like this.

With my stomach being treated with a selection of fresh these.

If anyone has ever stayed at Coyote Cals before, they should agree its a preety sweet setup.
Funny thing was it was virtually empty every night.
It was kind of weird that the place wasnt buzzing with people.. There were many signs which told another story from even just the size of the carpark to the fully equipted bar with its assortment of tequila and mescal, there photos on the walls all sorts of decorations filled the shelves with stuff.. puzzles and board games,children's toys, and other parafanalia.
There was a healthy dvd collection, and a games room a pool table and ping pong table an
d even a candy vending machine
The info book with its things to do list and places to visit was packed from cover to cover..
The place has different types of rooms and a designated camping area and palm trees to set up a hammock, If anything the view would be enough to keep any weary traveller or family happy to stay for a while.

According to Rick the owner, he said it had been getting slower and slower over the past 6 years, with all the news of corrupt police, narco traffickers, kidnappings, hold ups and murders people were afraid to come to mexico.
Younger travellers, and Backpackers stopped coming. Nobody would want to bring their families and even the surfers forgot about this place.
The stories were true back then, there was same bad sh*t going down south of the border but things have changed.
Baja is a much safer place now.

Events such as the Baja 500 and 1000 saw more people coming through but It was a trickle of mostly americans on enduro/mx motorcycles and quads that kept the place alive now,
The odd 'straggler' like me was the exception.

After a couple of quiet days on my own, 3 guys on touring bikes arrived and these 2 brothers rolled in later one night looking the part.

riding their awesome BMW 800's

It was nice to talk to other bikers at last.
The only other people since we crossed the border were the couple of guys from Alaska who we me in Ensenada and rode down with on the night we arrived but they left before the sun was up the following day.

I need to find where i wrote their names down but one of them was an ADV member
Rick and Ta made them all a delicious Thai Fish curry feast then and they washed it all down with cervesas over a fire.
I explained why i was limping on a crutch travelling alone with a semi broken bike and we talked about where they rode from, bikes stuff, tools, gps's, gadgets, equiptment, luggage, racks, modifications, matte black paint and more bike stuff.
They suggested i should ride with them the next day for a bit.
They had rode 800miles of mostly dirt in the last few days .
With my limited off road experience, strained neck and buckled ankle I kindly declined.

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