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Originally Posted by GS Addict View Post
Don't start with the Engineer stuff. I work with them all the time. I am a certified Industrial Electrician.
Pissing contests achieve nothing.

The only way current will flow out of the alternator is if its output voltage is higher than the battery voltage.
So the term watts is not incorrect
Not incorrect. Now your English is in question as well as your electrical knowledge.

Watts don't flow anywhere....current does.

And this is no contest...however, it is useful to use correct terminology and references when attempting to cite fact. That's how we learn, communicate and pass knowledge.

I understand the relationship between watts, volts and current. Also, our alternators are rated in both watts and amperes. However, in an automotive electrical system, the voltage is usually considered to be constant (and regulated electronically in the alternator) with load and current being the variable.

Remember also, current is the measure of coulombs, which are ampere seconds, or the measure of how many electrons flow in the circuit.
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