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Originally Posted by TinCrow View Post
How about 62 through Guadalupe Mts., Carlsbad? or the 70 to the 82 through Lincoln National forest? Im planning on stopping by Lubbock to see my sister. So I could drop in from the north or head up from the 10 at Ciudad Juarez and avoid Sierra Blanca.

I have rode that area many times, I have family in Alamo... beautiful part of the country. 70 and 82 are both excellent roads when the weather is nice. If I had to pick, I would take 82, 70 runs through Ruidosa so you'll have to deal with people headed to the casino and to the ski resorts. On 82 you'll go through Cloud croft, nice little town and a good place to fuel up. Not to many gas stations east of Cloudcroft while you are in the mountains.

62 isn't bad, but it is mostly desert and hills... very nice but not nearly as pretty as 82.

You have to pay close attention to the weather, it changes very fast. If it was me I would spend the night in Alamo then hit it in the morning. Once the sun starts to set it can get icy and in hotels are few and far in between.
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