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Originally Posted by Jettn Jim View Post
Just edited a couple words in the last update... I'm finding it a bit hard to write about this trip due to having alot of different feelings now than I did back in May/June. This has been another Soul searching Road trip and things have changed alot since then, so I'll try to do my best to be in the moment as it was back then.
Gotta say I'm finding it to be a bitch!
I wanna say what's on my mind now but that has to wait until I get to that point 5 months away in the story line.... I feel rushed to put up the pics and get to now on Nov. 14th but that is just Fuking up the whole story, sooo I'll try to get back into my head as it was then without sounding too strange. Even picking the music is tough as I've gotta a whole list that is too recent really. I just re-read that last post and it didn't sound like me talking... I gotta work on that!!!


I can relate all too well. This is where the notes come into play, but even then you can't really force that same mindset. Take your time, man. Think about it and edit it as necessary. No rush. Quality and honesty over quantity and urgency. Keep up the good work.

By the way, those two photos a few posts back with the 12 ft rooster tail and the faceplant-imprint in the silt cracked me up. I didn't know you got a photo of that.
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