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Originally Posted by Mtl_Biker View Post
Dave, I'm sold on your product. But I won't be getting my bike until sometime over the winter so I can order the skid plate now, or wait a few months as you roll out your incremental improvements. I'd hate to buy today only to find you've somehow improved the plate before I even put my bike on the road (March 15th is when our snow tire law ends and our season starts - as long as there isn't snow/ice on the roads). I'm also going to get your side stand foot enlarger.

Also, I'd been pretty sure I was going with the Touratech top luggage rack (the larger of the two) and Zega Pro (anodized black) panniers. I hadn't really looked at your top plate... Are you able to objectively compare the two? :)

Thanks Mtl_Biker!

Glad to hear you like what you see. There are no other changes pending on the skid plates. We're extremely happy with how they are working (all around the world)!!

As for the top racks yes I can give you some objective comparisons...

The Touratech rack is a great rack to put a soft bag on. I've also seen people mount Rotopax mounts to it to carry extra fuel by using some extra metal plates and making it work.

That's where our design came in. We decided to make a top rack that gave the rider as many direct mount options as possible! Ours was the first top rack (that I'm aware of, world wide, in production) that gave the rider the ability to bolt on:

-Rotopax fuel packs direct mount (three configurations then -four now)
-Kolpin Jr fuel packs direct mount
-Givi/ Kappa Monokey direct mount
We also put on our own KISS carriage bolt system for mounting a Pelican small type box simply and securely

The next idea we incorporated (again no one else had done this) was to have the option to slide the top rack forward or backward depending on whether you are riding solo or two up. It never made sense to me to have the rack way back there and nothing in between, when you were solo. It's only 2" but it helps to centralize the weight more. We also key-holed the slots so you can remove and replace the top rack easier without having to remove the bolts (and spacers) all the way. This was actually suggested by an inmate (Motoriley ) and it was a great idea!

The flat deck gives lots of options, there are plenty of slots for soft bags, the size is big enough to give great support without being too big and in the way and the shape blends well with the bike. Some of the slots are also optimized for Giant Loop's Great Basin Saddlebag to give lots of mounting options.

We also fully CNC machine them so there are NO SHARP EDGES anywhere!

Rotopax and Monokey mounting (and even adjustable positioning) have been copied by others now. Which makes sense since they were such good ideas!

We then added;
-SW-Motech Trax and Steel Top Rack adapter (for Pelicans) direct mounting
-Caribou QFS direct mounting
to give even more options.

We also offer specific kits for side racks that require them: Happy Trail, Jesse, Caribou/Hepco & Becker, Wolfman/Backroads Moto for true "plug and play".

That in essence is the idea behind our top rack: to give as many easy options to the rider as possible. We changed top racks from being a place to put a soft bag OR a top box but not both and made it function equally well at both while giving fuel pack options too.

Of course it's designed to be very durable and last in the long run and even the powder coat (which is particularly tough!) is textured to give grip to soft bags when they are strapped on.
Many, many of these are in use around the world too!

Did I miss anything?

Let me know if you have any more questions!


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