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Considering my injured ribs, I slept moderately well. We all got up in the morning and packed up our bikes. I noticed Neda did not have an ADV sticker on her bike, and since I was carrying a few extra, I offered her one.

I talked to the couple about my injury. Gene suggested I try the cough test. He said that if I cough, I'll know immediately if I've broken a rib or not. I passed the test. He said laughing works the same way.

We rode up to Wawa's famous goose. Though probably not allowed, Gene led the way and we parked right in front.

Yesterday my lights went out again before I got to town. Clearly there was a correlation with the rain. Today, I replaced the fuse and my lights came back on. Does this mean I can't ride in the rain?

pic stolen from Gene and Neda's smugmug

I followed the pair out of town.

As we rode off it was clear that their pace was quite a bit faster than my own and I watched them disappear in the distance. You can read their ongoing ride report here:

I thought about following this.

And I stopped for a geocache.

Located along the highway in a place you'd never expect there was a trail going off into the woods.

And then a waterfall!

Standing at the bottom looking up at the falls, I felt incredibly lonely. I really wished I could have reached Gene and Neda somehow to tell them to come back. It was a really amazing place and by the looks of the overgrown trail almost nobody knows about it. Here I was alone, but I wanted to share it with somebody.

The geocache was located downstream a bit, and I found it easily.

I made the trek back to my bike and then another stop for a geocache. This one high on a hill near a radio tower and a great view of Superior.

Note that in this whole ride report, this is the first photo of an actual Great Lake.

Not long after, I stopped along the side of the road to mark my most northerly point of the trip. N4901.417' This is as far north as my bike has ever been.

And then the Terry Fox monument near Thunder Bay. The location marks the site where Terry Fox, a cancer victim who lost a leg to the disease, ended his goal to run across Canada, completing a marathon distance each day for 143 days. The spread of cancer forced him to stop, and eventually took his life. He is considered a Canadian national hero.

I made camp near Thunder Bay behind a residential golf course. Me, pay for camping? And where else will I find such manicured lawn?

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