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Better update this and let you know (vaguely) what happened!
I had to make a run for Spain Saturday due to "diarr-events"........sure you get the picture!
I'm pretty seriously ill,about to lie down on the floor for the night in Barcelona Airport for a flight home tomorrow.
"Skitzin' " badly since last Friday,the "Curse of Ronald" of all things!The only thing i had to eat was a McChicken
sandwich,and went crook as the Aussies say very soon afterwards.Be enjoying the local scran,not a problem,
and on my way in from Meknes i happened to spot the Golden Arches.........the pain that night!!!
Arrived Denia,Spain at a mates place 2pm Sunday,shaking,didn't get any drugs until Monday,and like Elvis,i thought
my days were numbered on the throne.
As there's a General Strike today,i've had to ride up here for this flight(no public transport),and strangely enough,
sitting on a big thumper seems to stop the 'contractions'.My urines orange,though drinking constantly,the fluids are flowing through me.........straight to hospital on arrival in the UK!
What i've been trying to avoid in the 3rd World came courtesy of the Western one,the irony!
The boat to Almeria had to be the worst i've experience,pish,puke and shit on the floors,and i'm fragile already!
So an experience that was going so well,finishing quickly with a bad ending,not only this,but that aforementioned
Dickhead was awaiting my departure demanding money for his "services".Apart from showing where that nice old
hotel was.......worth a 5 Euro tip,but it should be the hotel,parking,guide(that i said twice i did not want!) that should
be paying him commision.So as the bike was loaded,i passed him 150DH(15 Euro) as something as a goodwill gesture
only for him to start ranting and eventually throw it on the floor.I thought,"F*ck it!",i'm on a 650cc,you've got a 50cc,and
just rode off without looking back,a sad parting for the hotel staff who came out to see me off,though i think one of them was in cahouts with this guy!
All i'll say,is approaching the Medina of Fes from the north,avoid a guy in usually wearing green anorak riding a 1980's Suzuki AP50!(no tail lamp on it!).
I'll upload more photos and reports later,once sorted out.......Adios!
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