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Oh it gets worse. This is part of the problem when you deal with people instead of institutions (like Super 8!). Due to the close proximity, the troubles of someone else's life has an opportunity to contaminate your own.

The original source of the issue was she failed to check Airbnb and was unaware we'd be arriving. She blamed me at first for that (?), but then took responsibility. After committing she'd have the place ready for us, we hit up downtown Mobile! There was a wedding going on, which made me think of the line in No Country for Old Men when Anton Chigurh chokes on some peanuts and says, "you married into this?"

Anyhow, when we got back...well, you saw that part of the story.

My dad was a little more horrified than I was. I honestly thought it was so bad it was funny. Most of the time shit like this happens and you don't laugh at it until years later. I fast forwarded to that point as it was happening. To clarify--we DID sleep there. Just not in those skanky ass beds. I rifled through a closet and found some odd / end sheets and I think a table runner and a couple of musty pillow cases (the pillows she left us had hair all over them). We made it work--no scabie bites, no bedbugs.

The next day (after checking into our bitchin' New Orleans place) the plot takes an unexpected turn. The hostess sent me a text asking how our stay was. When I responded that the bed situation was unacceptable she went ballistic, calling both of us ungrateful, adding that I am a "real jackass," and *oooh* threatened to write a bad review of me (I think I missed the part of how any of this was my fault!). Somehow me expecting to exchange $123 for two clean beds makes yours truly a monster. No wonder her fucking husband left her!

In any case, the more she went on the more I could tell she was having a total meltdown and, being that she resorted to personally attacking me, the more amusing I found it.

Airbnb responded extremely well to the situation, appreciated the photos and is dealing with her and her tantrum. The $$$ is gone forever, but they did throw a $75 credit my way and waived their profit on the transaction, leaving us with a very valuable $18 lesson: stay out of Mobile!
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