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Just picked mine up at the PO for my DRZ400E. This is a quality piece of gear! I am impressed with the workmanship and finish. I ordered the model 60/30 combo as I'm trying to conserve wattage.

I did some driveway bench tests on the unit tonight. Although Sanjoh strongly recommended mounting two model 60 lights, I think this combo will be fine! It puts out so much more usable light than the 35 watt halogen headlight I currently have there is no comparison. Obviously, I haven't had the chance to put it side-by-side with my HID set-up on the KLR, but I am very pleased with what I see.

The color temperature appears to be good. I assume it's around 6000 kelvin, which is a little blue, but a few yellow lens guards should get it near 5500 k -- natural sunlight.

The glass is thick enough to support reasonable accessories, but it would be great to offer a dash panel for the fairing as an accessory.

It's obvious that this fairing was designed by dual-sport riders. There's attention to rounding the corners and breaking sharp edges. If you go over the bars, this one's not going to cut your throat or rip your spleen out. That's a significant bonus.

Thanks, John.
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