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Well, it all started one evening in the garage. Yeah, I know, it always starts in the garage.

For me, I spent one too many glances at my bike. "Pathetic", I thought. You see, I have one of those state outline map things. No not the standard RV one you buy. I spent the time and effort creating my own! I designed and worked on my own! Ok, I had someone at work do most of the work, but it WAS my idea. A simple state outline and topographic state stickers, that I could proudly stick on the map as I blazed the miles across the country!

That was almost two years ago. ...I bought a 2010 F800GS... orange of course. And prior to my going crazy, I had PA, and WV... Yep, two states, two years old... and just around 10,000 miles. Ok, so I bought it as a demo bike and almost 4000 miles weren't mine. FINE! I get it. I suck as an "adventure" biker. Maybe I should go find the WKDRider forum or CMUTRRider forum, cause weekends and commuting to work is all I been doing! And that DAMN map, looking like S#@*!

Why did I put that map on it? Well, I guess that was the breaking point. I had to do something about it, but what. Uhhh, oh, I know, have too many beers and post something on ADVRider! Yeah, I'd talk about my "plan".

Wow, talk about a way to either learn how to nuke a thread... or step up. So the plan was laid, time to pack. Two weeks with nothing to do but ride and take a few pictures...

So I left the Pittsburgh area shortly after drill weekend and headed south... could I really travel almost 7000 miles in two weeks? Isn't it like COLD in a lot of those states? What if? Screw it, go until I couldn't go any more and then worry about it...

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