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Bluhduh Update!

So its been a while. And its mainly been because of the massive frustration I have had with working on the bike. I Got the coil and the plug wires and the new plugs and installed them on the bike. NO difference, or at least not much. I bought a brand new compression gauge and did a compression check cold on the engine. The right jug (which is the problem side) had higher compression that the left jug. About 175 psi right, the left jug wasn't far behind at about 170 psi.

That all being said. If the compression is up, that rules out any major valve adjustment issue and definitely not piston rings. Its getting fuel and spark. at least in some fashion, unfortunately my eyes aren't tuned to see when the injector opens and the spark fires exactly on time with the engine. SO to me that leaves only three possible problems. The Motronic control unit. The Throttle position sensor. Or the part I ordered which I think it is, The Hall Effect Sensor. And I base that conclusion on this reference.

The symptoms as described match what my bike is doing decently.

Hall Effects Sensor Failure Symptoms:
1 Difficulty starting ( hard to start if at all )
2 sudden engine shutdown ( does this all the time )
3 No Spark ( hard to say, there is at least some spark )
4 No fuel pressure ( non issue )
5 Bouncing tack ( non issue )
6 Engine restart after cool ( some times, goes back to symptom 1 )

I ordered just the sensor's, not the entire assembly because its close to $270. The sensors by them selves were only $130 with shipping, and are the correct and updated part number. So again I have to wait for the parts to come in and then install them. I am hoping for the best because I am getting some what tired of working on this bike and not having any results. At least its paid for... Any thoughts and input, as always, is appreciated!
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