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Ok so with all the parts in I set off to work!

headed off to work to clean these up a bit

pistons cleaned up nicely and piston to cylinder wall clearance was PERFECT!! almost zero wear

enlisted the help of a friend

long story short here but the connecting rod bolts are all non reusable.... so a week or so went by with no update due to my busy school schedule, waiting on parts and with work....

in the meantime I decided to replace my R/R with a compufire

snip snip

bolts finally arrived and the motor went back together.... well.... almost...

a good eye will notice that I managed to reassembly the motor without the idler gear or starter gear.... no problem right? just slid the shaft out....

uh... nope... shaft is hammered into the block.... MOTHER F***ER!!!! so the decision was made to install the engine and bring the bike to work in the morning where we would pull the flywheel to install the gears...

so the motor was in and bike was headed to work in the morning...

so at work the 14mm flywheel bolt came off with no problem... no heat needed... the flywheel however... with a 1/2 inch impact running full max and the heat gun heating away the flywheel wouldnt budge! repeated attempts left us with a dilema.... what to do next?

after some careful thought we heated the pin for MAYBE 30 seconds.... and the pin slid right out like a hot knife through butter!

that evening which would be last night I had class but raced home straight afterwards went to work! no assembly pictures... sorry folks! but I was hyped up and was on a roll! basically from having just an engine in the frame I managed to completely assemble my bike from approx 7 pm all the way through to 2 am this morning.... long night!

here are just some pictures of the process

final picture...

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