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Finally Left Linares

I finally tired of waiting on weather and I decided I would have to skip the mountains and head south, after all that's the plan and there will be other mountains.

I heeded out of town, got chased by my first Mexican dog, he was about twice the size of a normal Chihuahua na he was fiesty. He came at me the exact second I glanced at the gps to see where the highway was. he backed off just enough to left me by when I cocked my leg like I was going to boot him. I found Ruta 85 towards Ciudad Victoria, stopped at a Pemex for gas. There where about ten Police pickups at the shop next door. Looked like maybe a robbery?

I hit the road. It was getting wetter and wetter and I pressed on. Finally approaching CD Victoria it dried out a bit.

I stopped at another Pemex for a break and a coffee and because I was making good time I wanted to look at my map and see where I might go beyond CD Victoria 'cause I really didn't want to stay there.

I bought a coffee and then I was approached by a man in his early 40's I would guess selling Limes and then his little boy, smaller than my little neighbour Liam selling something. His little dirty face looking up at me I couldn't even look at what he was selling, I reached in my pocket and gave him a few pesos and told him to keep whatever it was he was selling. God Dam. There are so many poor little kids in this World who will never have a chance at a life. I had a few sips of coffee and I couldn't take it anymore i took the lid off my coffee and gave it to the Dad. He took it gratefully. I'm sure he was cold. It was damp and about 60 degrees which is damn cold for down here.

I left that lot feeling very sad. We that can afford travel all have so much to be thankful for!!!

I left for CD Mante
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