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Ciudad Victoria

Ciudad is a big city and very busy. Lots of traffic and I can't get over how a few miles from where that dad and little boy were selling what they had for a few peso in a dirty parking lot all of a sudden there are huge shopping malls and hotels and a array of businesses that would rival anything in Canada or the USA.

I wove my way through CD Victoria traffic, and that's the best description I can think over. The traffic is flowing like a river over and around every type of object and at varying speed and the noise of creaking trucks , grinding gears, missing mufflers, horns etc is amazing.

Eventually I made it through and picked up Ruta 85 again after one mistake which I discovered early enough to correct.

Ruta 85 north of CD Victoria is a busy road, South of Ciudad Victoria it becomes two lane black top that has long straight stretches interrupted by a couple twisting climbs over mountains. It was windy and cloudy and wet today. I konw I missed some outstanding scenery. I saw impressive mountains shrouded in fog and peered into the fog over a huge cliff at a valley that seemed to go on for miles at one point. I crossed the Tropic of Cancer

Considering I am now south of Key West, Florida, latitudinally speaking. It was cold and wet with weather remarkably similar to both my Trans Labrador Highway trips. I crossed into the Tropics with my heated grips on! I sure glad I didn't waste anymore time waiting for the weather to improve in Linares

I had flown past this sign and then turned around to take this picture. Dam tall kickstand made it tough but I got it, just put the camera away when 4 Frederales Pickups went flying by southbound. I waved to the guys. They all waved back. All young guys who seem to like bikes. I think they are very brave trying to save Mexico from the mess it's in. I know I wouldn't want to be in their shoes, or combat boots as the case may be.

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