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I went up the road a few more miles and at and intersection there were the guys that had passed me and a few more. It looked like a mandatory stop so I slowed right down beside two guys with their machine guns and black masks who were standing there. They looked at me and one guys hollered "Allendez" He didn't have to tell me twice I almost dropped the bike getting out of there. I heard them both go "Oh!" when I stabbed at the pavement a couple time with my left foot.

About five miles down the road from them I saw this clean little restaurant.

I stopped for a Coke.

Oh and I missed this picture, this is looking North from the Tropic of Cancer sign. It gives a good representation of what Rte 85 looks like

I rode through dense fog today which really slowed my progress as there were a lot of donkeys on the side of the road, some tied, some not. I passed through many small towns with Tropical little huts selling bananas, limes, oranges etc but the weather wasn't conducive to tropical shots.

I finally made it to CD Mante at about 4:30 and was glad to find Hotel Rio, that Sjoerd Bakker has listed in his book. Thanks Sjoerd! Saved me looking around late in the day.

Here's my bike in front of my room

Ihave no worries about the bike tonight. It's in front of my door and two doors away there are some army guys staying. They have a dude with a machine gun in full fatigues posted around the clock.

One of the Army guys is making time with the cute girl at reception. They were sitting pretty close together when I walked in the office. I didn't want to go in the office and cramp a guy that has a machine gun's style by posting to ADVrider.

Anyway, as luck would have it, I didn't have to. I have wifi in the room now albeit a weak signal.

One light in my room won't work and the other buzzes but rather than go play charades with the girl at reception I dug out my LL Bean Headlight I use while camping and that's how I'm posting to you tonight, while listening to "Big Bang Theory" on the TV, which I personally find incredibly stupid for a show that's supposed to be about smart guys, but it's the only show in English, Now it's switched to two and a Hlaf men in English. That's somewhat better

It's all good. the Hotel was cheap at $350 pesos. The beds are good and look clean and I'm warm and dry and relatively safe and not sleeping in a shack in a lime grove. Now you're up to date. I'm hoping for better weather tomorrow. Then I'll figure out what's next

Oh and I had a good supper tonight at the Motel's restaurant, Hamburger and homemade fries. I had left my camera in the room but we've all seen hamburgers and fries. While I was there I saw about six guys came in that reminded me of a construction crew and they ordered what looked like steak fajitas on rice, Wish I had recognized that on the menu or knew how to order it. It sure looked good. I am learning though, French Fries are pappas, or something like that. Anyway, I'm watered and fed and I'm sure I'll sleep tonight.

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