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OK - so a little background on today's most difficult tasking.

The bike was previously registered in my name in Virginia - whose DMV is the worst of any I've ever seen. People complain about California, but I'll take Cali over VA six days a week and twice on Sunday. Of the few problems I've had had with this bureaucracy, the KLR related ones stemmed from insurance. First off - state mins cost me twice as much in VA than in FL. WTF. Secondly, when you cancel insurance to switch companies or b/c you stored the bike, the insurance company is obligated to tell the state, who, in turn, sends you a nasty letter.

Ok, so I move to Cali and keep VA registration, which is legal for me, but buy a CA insurance policy, which is cheaper and just plain makes sense. The Commonwealth sent me a few letters asking me to provide insurance (which I did, but they won't recognize a CA policy), or to pay some ridiculous fine. I don't know the technicalities of registration, but since I was tired of the whole thing, I told these ass clowns that I sold the bike so they'd leave me alone. Well, I was going to park for a while, I was considering selling the bike, I figured I would reregister elsewhere once the tags were due, AND I almost never keep a bike for more than a couple of years (and I bought 2 year registration).

So yesterday I picked up DR-Z400SM project that needed some registering and a new plate (and pay late registration fees... that is the big suckfest in CA). I went the local DMV, which isn't usually THAT crowded, but it was a ZOO yesterday. Two hour wait at the least, so I decided to go home and make an appointment for today. Since I was already going there and the KLRE registration is up in December, I figured I could do the old 'two birds/one stone' trick.

I did an hour of the paperwork/waiting game, paid, and then the lady's like, oh, by the way, I just need you to go through vehicle verification, since the bike is from out of state. F in the A - I was hoping to skip this as I know I don't have a Cali emissions sticker (or any emissions equipment). Another wait in the verification line, where the guy verifies the info I already told them on a vehicle I've owned for years. Anyway, the fact that the engine was different wasn't a problem, the bike looking like a Junkyard Wars creation was AOK, the dash/mileage works fine, and the inspection guy only gave a 20 second attempt to find a non-existent emissions sticker on the McGyver bike while I played dumb. After another line to get another appointment ticket and another short wait, the fact that he checked "none" for the sticker section didn't seem to hinder the plate acquisition (which surprised me, as I've heard some bad stories regarding this). All ended well, just two and a half hours and $99 later... and they didn't even check my insurance (which I have).

After all that, I am still glad to be done with the douche canoes at the VA DMV.

Back home I put the GPS (which still fogs a little) in a big of rice and decided to throw it in the oven on 'low' with the door cracked to get things moving while I got working on the other project bikes. All was going well, so I turned the oven off and closed the door while Uncle Garmin sat quietly on the rack. While I'm in the garage, the wife preheats the oven for dinner.

Long story short, GPS works fine (fogging TBD), vacuums work best to clean up rice, and never leave rice unattended ever again.
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