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Originally Posted by Kiwi Tinkerer View Post
I looked up the parts fiche (Max Motorcycles)
The engine control units are identical. (Same part number)
The difference is in the engine itself and the map loaded on the control unit.

Some of the parts that are the same:

Some of the parts that are not the same part number:
Cam shafts
throttle bodies

So, perhaps change the throttle bodies and cam shafts would help.
However, the control unit may be keyed to 650/700 and only load that map.
Originally Posted by LukasM View Post
Kiwi has it right, throttle bodies and cams are different, and the map that's loaded in the ECU. Everything else is the same, so upgrading to the same HP won't be difficult once somebody figures out how to crack the ECU. A German company has done it but I haven't been able to reach them. I also think that you will be able to get most of the power with an aftermarket fuel controller, probably even more than a stock F800GS because those run pretty lean. Ignition timing won't make as much of a difference.

I've got both F800GS and F650GS throttle bodies here, will have to see what the difference really is when I find some time in the shop.

Thanks gents. A friend and prospective F700GS buyer was told the other (IE "chip only") by a salesman. I'm no expert but it didn't sound right...... The same salesman also told my mate the F700GS puts out 90 horsepower!
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