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Originally Posted by AntonLargiader View Post
The pulley hides the rotor. If the rotor is stuck to the pulley properly and you feel it slip into position, great. Sometimes it's loose and the tech might not realize it. In my case I could see a sliver of bent metal on one side of the hole when I pulled it to inspect the HES.

Yeah, a conscientious tech will feel it go together right. But once it's done, it's not a very intuitive thing to check. I remember thinking that I lucked out in a big way finding it.

I'm not making excuses for anyone, though, and I don't think a shop should be paid for work that doesn't reasonably contribute to a solution. If it needed a HES, so be it. If the tech screwed it up at that point and never found the problem, well, that part wouldn't be billable here and I'd probably be eating some trailer time. But that sort of situation is rare enough that it should be handled on a case by case basis.
Anton, I understand all that but, what if the engine did not start after your HES/rotor install? What would you have done? Let me answer for you (don't you hate it when somebody answers for you), first, you would have checked for a nice fat spark at the plugs right? Next, I believe you would reach for the timing light or the diagnostic tool to determine ignition timing.

If the engine gets fuel, has compression and spark and turns over, there should be combustion. Take away any of these 3 and, well, we know the answer.

Instead, from what we have heard, the shop just threw parts at it then the owner called a halt to the madness.

BTW, there should be an Anton in every city and town where there is a BMW dealer.
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