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While this is of no consequence to the OP, I once was visiting the dealer where I purchased my GS, Lyle Lovett Motorsports, Stafford, Texas, yes, the Lyle Lovett who was once married to Julia Roberts.

I would often ride by at lunch time with a bag of burgers and fries for the boys in the repair shop. They often shared experiences with me when I came by for a chat. The owners didn't seem to mined as I was careful not to get in the way of the work.

The BMW mechanic was staring at a brand new BMW with only a few miles that had been dropped off for a warranty repair. The complaint was, sudden engine shutdown. The tech had exhausted all his thoughts and skills. He turned to me and asked, "Got any ideas"? I said, "Yes, I would check all the connectors dealing with engine management". He replied, "Naw, can't be....this is a brand new bike with less than 100 miles on it".

A few days later, I was back for a noon visit and noticed the new BMW was gone from the shop. I asked the tech, "What did you find wrong? He turned to his toolbox and took out a brand new u-joint and handed it to me and said, "You may need this one day...I have no use for it. It yours. As for the BMW, it was a bad connector just as you said. Thanks for the tip".

I still have the new u-joint ready to press into service if it is ever needed. The BMW dealer? Gone...they became a Yamaha dealer and my BMW tech friend? I know not what happened to him.
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