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Originally Posted by larryboy View Post
Pretty much just like that.

Day 52: 8/12/12 continued
Christmas Valley, OR to Ram Horn Campground, CA 306 miles

Got back to Xmas Valley just in time.

It was checkout time at the Desert Inn.
Luckily, they weren’t sticklers.

Bye, room 11.

Tires - about 650-700 miles.

There were some firefighters at the Feed Barn this morning.
They had mentioned that there was a big fire near Lakeview.
We were worried that it was going to close part of the trail.

Instead of doing the rocky powerline road out of Christmas Valley
(it would have been Matt’s 3rd or 4th time and it’s a huge time suck),
we decided to take some slab and then pick up the OBDR further down.

Aside from getting a haircut at the Barber Ship (fail ),
one of the things I really wanted to do on this ride was get up on Crane Mountain again.
If we missed it this time, I was gonna be sad.

Someone’s shed of treasures.


Oh. Summer Lake.
I’ve never been on this road, only seen it from up on the ridge.

Up there somewhere.

This looked like a pretty old church.

We had talked about getting back on the trail around Summer Lake,
but with the fires nearby, we weren’t sure it was a great idea.
Even if we didn’t hit closed roads, it was so smoky we’d be missing out on the beautiful scenery.

Here’s the view of Summer Lake. Taken from Fremont Point (2010).
I made this fake panorama by taking a screen grab of 2 pics side by side on the desktop...
not too shabby, eh?

We were trying to guess where Fremont Point was.
Is this it? Around here, at least.

Across the road.
So, that must be Summer Lake...


Can you read that?
 It says “Paisley Mosquito Festival”
Glad we missed that...

I’ve always seen Paisley on the map, but this was my first time through.

As we got closer to Lakeview, it got a lot smokier.
Hard to breathe sometimes.

Stopped at Safeway to pick up some food for tonight.

Hey, there we are.

Aw, man.
The Bud Get Inn is now an Executive Inn & Suites.
That sucks.

It just doesn’t have the same je ne sais quoi...

Good thing we weren’t staying.

Ahh. Nice to be back in the dirt.

haha, this gate almost gets us every time.

I love gate duty. It’s fun.

Wow. Last time we were here they were just starting the Ruby Pipeline project.
Guess they’re done.

Nice job with the rehabilitation.

You can hardly tell they were even there.

At least this meadow still looks good...

Woo hoo!
Crane Mountain!

Hump day Mameshiba!

son of a biscuit! are there ads on the mameshiba videos now?
I try so hard to find links without ads. Mucking youtube.
good thing we're almost done with them.

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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