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Hey, I'm one of the new guys, I'm a bit surprised no one has brought up the philosophical differences between the bikes. Will you only have one bike? (a regrettable situation). Do you like to wrench? Are you a patient sort? Do you value mechanical purity? - the RS. Do you need to get there ASAP? Would you rather ride than repair? Do you just want to get the job done, so get the most capable tool? - the K. I'm about your size: 6'3", 275 lbs. If it doesn't work properly, I might just snap it in half. I have an '81 RS and a K equivalent: a '91 FJ1200 and ride both regularly. I'm a trained wrench and love my airheads, but the FJ is the better tool. I'd say if you don't feel something for the old airheads, (and lets face it, technology has left them far behind in the rear view mirror), get the K. Especially two up. (and this from a guy with three airheads.)
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