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Time Zone Weirdness.

Wow. This deserves an honorable mention. Since taking up residence in PCB, I've had weird clock things happening. I three devices that are either GPS related or should automatically adjust to time zones. First, my computer, that was not jibing with the time on the tv. When I checked into it, it was showing central (Chicago time) and wasn't matching my Iphone time. Now, in all fairness I have to say that it just didn't occur to me that I would be changing time zones so quickly down here in Florida. So, going on the assumption I was still in the east, I started looking into what was wrong with my Iphone. Googling that came up with an anomaly that many people have with it and a supposed fix involving turning the automatic time adjustment off and back on when synced to Itunes. It seemed to have worked but the next day I noticed it was, again, an hour out. So, I set it to Miami time with the auto feature off.
The other device is my Nuvi. Having to run the bike back to Tallahassee, I had concerns about trip time and beating the dark and, or, any rain back here. It was noon so I figures, a couple hrs there, one hr visit, a couple of hrs back. Ya, I can squeak it in. So, off I go but looking down at the GPS and the bike clock I notice an hour diff between the two. So, how did that get like that? Whatever.
Then, of course, I'm on the road for an hour and realize I've lost an hour. Long story short, I end up travelling back in the dark in Panama city rush hour with real bad viz trying to look thru a badly scratched up face shield. I made it but the time zone thing finally clicked and the Google thing to find out I am sitting right beside a 'Time Zone Anomaly'. Not sure how this works but it is beyond me why the dividing line does not just drop straight down to the coast. I mean it actually surrounds one small town on three sides just west of Panama City.
So if I want to get to a shop around here at opening hours, I may just be an hour early if I don't check first.
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