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Originally Posted by Scotty Breauxman View Post
good point for sure- heres the reason (not an excuse):

The top teams have been offered free devices from IRC but they come up with lame excuses like (its unproven, might not work with our handlebars, its extra weight, etc.)

I had an epiphany and realized that HON KAWI and KTM do not want each other to know where they are on the course and in relation to one another. If KTM has a bike problem or crash, the news will eventually flow out to the competing crews. but with trackers, the other teams can capitalize on the information sooner- ie back of the throttle, save the bike and take less chances.
Spot on Scotty! I think that the top teams have realized (from the Dakar/FIM irritrack experience) that the "big brother is watching you" thing comes into play as far as tactics goes... not to mention that everything you do/compared to where the competition is is under scrutiny from drop of the flag to the checkers (and a lot of Baja legends have evolved over the years - out of view - so to speak )... so I can understand they may not want to carry them.

But they do still run a "GPS logger" yeah ? To keep track of them respecting the route and to check their speed on the tar road sections (limit 60 mph no? )

Will be tuned into your facebook live page, and the weatherman/race dez/SCORE official sites to keep an ear out for all the news that does filter through...

Thanks in advance for the great job you do man!
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