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Originally Posted by TowPro View Post
Mark, When you get to the bottom, I think you are planning a trip to Antarctica, but then what?
You riding back up the East side?
Not exactly sure what my plan will be. Have a very big mix of thoughts, emotions and logistics when in comes to what will be next.

The "plan" is to be in Ushuaia through Christmas and New years with some other bikers. Rented a place in Ushuaia for all us to hang out for that two weeks!!

Then will ride north .... Maybe through some of Patagonia that I will miss, then? Hard to say. If I choose to go to New Zealand, I will want to get there in February so that I am in better weather especially in the south Island.

Have also been studying the shipping logistics..... The costs are really high. Will float it out here .... But have been considering selling my bike down here ...... If I found a buyer ready to do the ride north..... Then fly to NZ and rent or buy a bike.... Then do the same in other places like China. Loved my experiences in India on a smaller local bike. Less hassle with shipping logistics and costs. But we will see.

Also have a bit of a pull toward getting back to the US and getting onto my next chapter, which will be a good thing too!! I cannot really retire, so I need to find some meaningful work and get started. That said, it will also include travel by moto. Like Riding in China in May/June 2013 with my friend Lv Fei! still working out this kinds of plans ..... but it is a long way off!

Right now I will just enjoy the next couple months and see how it goes. Stay tuned .... As the "World Turns"
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