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Originally Posted by irishdec View Post
Jaysus ,what I'd give to be riding alongside you right now.
Did Mexico y Guat. a few years back ,also on a KLR but keep hinting to my wife about going solo to tierra del Fuego ,but it's still a firm "NO" .
I am enjoying your report ,watch out for those feckin donkeys please ----your my age there abouts ,so no point in telling ya to slow down for them ----but hey ! I just did ! lol.
I'm hooked onto this thread now.
You take it easy and enjoy the sights etc ,dont do what I done ,which was get from one location to another as fast as possible ,,,my mistake that I regretted later .Keep the pic comming mate.
You lucky B------d!.
Cheers irishdec from Toronto

Thanks for the advice, and believe me going to far too fast has been rattling around in my head. But I gotta tell you the weather has been yuckky. It's been 8 days now since I've had nice weather. I never would have thought I'd be down this far in weather the Maritimes gets.I'm sitting outside my room this morning looking at all the State Police and Marinas staying at this motel, and I have a waffle thermal shirt on and I'm cold. I am going to try and get about 400 kms south to Pachuca de Soto today. I hope it warms up. It's a little drier today thankfully.

I want to leave a few days to sit on a beach somewhere and warm up, but I still have an eye on my December 8th sailing date from Panama

Thanks for reading, and i love feedback. I think Tierra del Fuego will still be in your future!

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