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Originally Posted by snaert View Post
Since raiffel and I have tested 4 different badland jackets in total and all of them were leaking at the exactely same spot chances are quite low that it has to do something with variances of the jackets (though I still hope this is the case).
I think it has to do a lot with the bike you drive. Unfortunately the windshield of my XT660Z does not protect shoulders and arms from the rain.
I'm really curious if there is someone driving a bike similar to ours not having this leakage...
Considering these are jackets designed for dual-sport riders, that would be a serious design flaw. Most dual-sport bikes don't have any fairing or windscreen and those that do are mimimal compared to well-faired touring bikes. I ride a DR350 and a R1200GS and neither has much protection from the enslaught of wind and rain. Dual-sport involves a lot of standing as well, which puts your shoulders directly in the air stream.

If this is a design flaw, I'd like to see Klim step up to the challenge and provide a warranted solution for those that are experincing it. That would put them head and shoulders above the competition and make spending the big bucks for their gear worth it. Pretending there isn't a problem is just going to bite them in the long run in this day and age of instant and global communication. Online customer reviews are a big part of the purchase decision these days.

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