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Originally Posted by Bluethumb View Post
When introduced, the RS fairing was, as far as I know, the first full sport fairing of its kind. I had a '78 RS and put 130k riding behind that fairing. To this day I believe it is still a beautifully designed work of aerodynamic art. As far as protection, it's ability to minamize side winds always impressed me. I use to have to look for telltale signs to see if there were sidewinds, grass blowing sideways, flags flapping, etc., because the bike simply sliced through the wind. In cold and rain I had great weather protection. In heavy rain, the tops of my shoulders would get wet and my shins and boots, but other then that i would be dry. The only complaint I had was the low bars which eventually helped to give me the back I have today, screwed-up! A buddy of mine equipped his with K75S bars which allowed for somewhat more upright position. To this day I still find the RS to be one of the most gorgeous motorcycles of the last 40 years. I consistently got 42-45 mpg and believe the design of the fairing helped the milage. Great aerodynamics, beautifully designed, incredible protection.

I sold my RS after taking it from Texas to Alaska and back. In Alaska I saw guys on R100GS's so I bought a R100GSPD after the trip. Winds would push the bike all around and the buffeting shook me around. I was always much more tired after a day on the GS compared to the RS. Totally different bikes, but the comparison is that what I found was the RS fairing was the most effective sport fairing ever designed.

Are you wearing clothes? I did find that helped!

Nice review, Bluethumb.

I'm sitting upright on my GS's getting buffetted around and would like to be in a nice little wind protected pocket on an RS for a change, so this is helpful to read.

I've always read that the RS fairing is hot. As you are in the Texas Hill Country do you have an opinion on that?
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