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Originally Posted by leafman60 View Post

I have a sport exhaust (Akrapovic racer full titanium system), I also have a Uni foam filter ( I think better than K&N) and I do have the Booster Plug. I run the standard sparkplugs.

I have the lid off the airbox and I have an air scoop to direct oncoming air to the filter.

Mine runs like a bat out of hell. For me, the Booster Plug helped the tractability of the motor. I also added the 17-tooth front sprocket.
Leafman!!! thank you for!!!

Akra system is too expensive... here in Brazil, found it for U$ 3200.00 .... and not in stock.... this isn't a deal!! I thinking about to get a LeoVince (Snooker advice - and liked it cause of the possibility of changes in exhaustion) or to built one rally look exhaust (I do preffer) in a bike shop here...
I'll try the KN... will get an UniFoam later.... Any subjections about KN ?

I tought something about to made an scoop on the air box.... can you post or pm a pic of yourS? is it inside the fairing ?

Why the 17 sprocket? the engine got too brute ?

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