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Early this Summer Ben dropped me a PM and asked if I might want to give these pants a try. I *think* I may have gotten the first pair off the press.

Executive Summary: These pants hold up REALLY well. The fit is great for my "Hank Hill" physique plenty of adjustibility in the waist. The venting is much so you may find dust in areas you don't normally see it Very nice in the hot weather, not too cold in the cooler weather.

The Nitty Gritty:

Rider: 45 yr. 5' 11" 185lbs. Primarily dirt

Conditions tested:

Rampart Range, Taylor Park, Willow Creek, Sargents areas, Watkins Motocross track, Colorado
Moab, Dibinky Wells/White Wash area, Utah

Bike: KTM 453 Exc

Temperature range: 30's to 85+ degrees F

Street/Dual Sport:
Communting Denver area: Approx 400 miles (it's a short drive to work!)
Distance riding: Greater Colorado area, approx 3,000 miles
Bike: Suzuki V-Strom 650

Temperature Range: 27 - 90+ degrees F

The Pants:

I tried these pants as a "cross-over" between a pure dirt pant (at which they excel) but also as a dual sport/street pant as well. While they are not set up with any padding or armor for street use, they held up really well against my Asterisk knee braces.

As noted above, the first thing that jumps out is the construction. Everything is double stitched and solid. I seem to move between a 32" waist and 34" and these pants fit the bill and never sagged or drooped.
There is enough adjustabilty that I could even pull them over jeans for a quick trip. Although I can't say they would work as an overpant for all body types.

The inner legs are leather and after a summer of riding, there is little more than a few scuffs. No rips or burns, and even with repeated washings, they look new.

The legs are split up the back with HD Velcro closures to wear either as a "tight" over the boot or "Loose" over the boot. There is also a velcro strap around the ankle that can be adjusted to seal the pant against the boot.

This strap was at first a concern, as I was worried it may come open and get caught in the bike, but it never moved (although I was not riding "New England" tight conditions). You may also notice that if the cuff is really tight around your boot the pants don't move much when you transition from sitting to standing, and you may feel like your pants get caught. A little loosening solved the issue.


This is the big selling point with the Dibinky pants, there are two loonng zippers on each thigh. These *can* be manipulated while riding if you are really careful, but to get them fully open or closed you probably will need to stop. The zippers are solid and high quality. If you were riding mostly road/easy dirt, you might want to add some loops to the zipper pulls for ease of use.

With the vents open, you actually start realizing how hot your boots are! Venting is best when standing, on the street the V-Strom I was riding has a bit of a fairing so I'm not sure how much more flow you'd get from a naked bike at speed. With summer temps into the 90's+ the vents were a relief. They DO flow a lot of air and the mesh panels also flow a bit of dust as well. A very small price to pay.

With the vents zipped, the pants were adequate when it got closer to cold than cool, the size of the vents and the construction still allows a bit of air to flow, so you do notice a little airflow even with everything closed. Certainly not like a pant with a mesh crotch panel, but enough that you are not sweating. Not unpleasant or concerning, but not full on "Warm" when the temps drop and you are still doing highway+ speeds.

Fashion Statement:

These area a good looking set of pants. Low key with only the white/yellow stitching on the flap pockets (which stay closed by the way!) this was huge for a lot of riders. I took the opportunity to talk to riders both at the track and on the trail and all gave them a thumbs up. Now if you are a "Do these pant's make my butt look big?" type rider you will notice that with the vents open, the pants give you a "wide" stance. Kind of like a pair of Jodpher pants one would wear during a fox hunt, they balloon a bit at the thighs. A quick zip and they look like any other high end riding pant.

Overall I give them two thumbs up. Certainly not a budget pant, but high quality with great features. I personally would buy them but I honestly don't know if I will wear these out! I would love to see them in a Grey color similar to the Klim pants which would give even more cooling than the heat absorbing black. They work very well as a "western riding area" pant, I think that in true "grab you and pull you off the bike" tight riding, the open construction may cause some guys to get hung up (this is all speculation though). They are a really good transition pant from dirt to dualsport/street, but without armor they may not fit the ATGATT theme completely. Still a really solid pant. Certainly a winner!

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