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Originally Posted by HardWorkingDog View Post
Ads? No ads for me, although I thought the whole mameshiba thing was an advertisement, just can't figure out what for.

(Do you understand Japanese? Sure wish I knew what they were saying...)

Matt didn't have the ad, either.

But I did, last night. I think you get them when you watch from the youtube page.
Well, I'm glad they aren't showing up for the embedded video.

OK, aren't you getting the grey annotations? With the english translation?
It tells you what they are saying!

Mameshiba is a Japanese pun - mame is bean, shiba is puppy or toy dog.
The word sounds similar to mamechishiki, the Japanese word for trivia - which translates to "bean of knowledge"

In 2008, after the Japanese recession, there weren't enough advertisers to fill empty slots on television shows.
Instead of having 30 seconds of dead air, an ad agency hired a Korean/Japanese copywriter named Sukwon Kim
to make 30 second cartoons.
Mameshiba trivia bits were just supposed to be filler, until tv stations had more advertisers buying ad spots.

You don't understand what they are selling because they aren't selling anything.
They are just something to watch for 30 seconds.

The mameshiba spots were weird and funny (I think we miss a lot of puns and other inside jokes by not speaking Japanese)
and they caught on in a big way.
The Japanese public loved the mameshiba characters and wanted more.
So, Mameshiba products (toys, keychains, books, feature-length cartoons, etc)
didn't come out until after the original 30-second spots (the ones I post for you guys) were popular.

Now, there's mameshiba everything.

Mameshiba books...


I'm not sure what this is about, but the mameshiba have legs so they can roller skate...

So, all of that info was from one of the many links I gave you earlier.
I know, I know - tl;dr.

You'll notice I added lots of pics and stuff to this post.

I already mentioned that I found mameshiba because they are popular with the crafty peeps.
See what I mean? This one is super cute!
(in the bottom right, it's saying "hey, did you know?)
I don't understand japanese, I just read the note.

I hope you guys are watching that roller skating mameshiba video at work!

Well, everyone thank hardworkingdog for this mameshiba-fest...
I'm still not ready with Crane Mountain.
This didn't help!
Now I just want to make mameshibas...

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

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