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Yeah, actually when we went to San Pedro, I got to talk a little bit about the events with the local (meaning mayan) people. Very gently approaching the subject and I could sense that the memories of those years are very much still in their minds. But Guatemalans are proud people that rarely speak about what happened then. So I think they won't forget what happened but will not linger in the past.
I've heard that now the government is trying hard to erase the old hatred and inequality between the old 2 sides. I felt

As for the involvement of the US in all Central America... I try very much to stay out of "politics". This being said though, what happened not only in Guatemala but in all Central America was believable. The subject is huge and it is a very interesting read. Not to judge as these things are in the past already, but to learn from what happened and maybe avoid the same (very tragic) situations.
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