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My two local (long Island) BMW dealers have in-house body shops. I have about half a dozen friends of mine work for them over the years and I have a better chance of turning pink and playing Fur Elise out my butthole than I do getting anything motorcycle related painted by them for any amount of money. When I had my 2002 and my E30 convertible I asked manhattan BMW who they farm it out to - you would think I just asked to have sex with everyone in the dealership's sister at the same time. New Yorkers aren't known for being helpful.

What's funny is that my friends that worked for subaru had no qualms about painting stuff for me in their paint booth so long as I wasn't picky about the color - basically they would paint my stuff the color of whatever car was getting painted that day. I ended up with a lot of World Rally Championship blue motorcycles for a while.

Actually I know a body shop that might have it as they are the body shop for my local Audi Dealer and I am guessing all german cars use BASF for their paint. I wanted to shoot this myself though so we will see how helpful they are about procuring a quart of paint that they aren't going to pass through their gun.
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