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After spending many hours reading all the threads on ADV, I purchased the 2" Rox risers. I did a dry run leaving the cables in front of the forks to test out the concept. When I noticed that the cables were tight, as everyone here indicated they would be, I preceded to remove the fork caps to drop the forks in order to re-route the cables and brake lines.

What I found was that the nuts were somewhat corroded and apparently bonded to the studs. I was unable to get them off without the bolt starting to feel like it was starting to round off. Fearing mission creep and a trip to my BMW dealer in my future, I gave up.

Are there any secrets to getting off corroded nuts without destroying the stud and it's associated parts? I thought about trying to heat up the nut, but there are too many wires in the area that possibly could be damaged in the process.
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