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Originally Posted by AntonLargiader View Post
Sounds about right. I'd definitely start with indicators that the HES was accomplishing all of the stuff it needed to. Spark, tach movement, injector pluses, adequate output voltage, etc.
OK, so, you're a skilled mechanic with BMW experience who understands how to correctly diagnose and repair systems on the BMW motorcycle.

That means, you understand tools and how to use them, fasteners, how motorcycle are held together and taken apart, motorcycle electrical systems, the sounds and vibrations of an engine that is running correctly (or incorrectly) and other aspects of a complex two-wheeled vehicle built by BMW. And you have in your library, the necessary BMW repair manuals and other instructional materials and documents to provide guidance for specific repairs that you may not have carried out in your career. Also, you posses diagnostic equipment to aid you when making adjustment or repairs to electronic/electrical systems on the BMW motorcycles you work on. And, you posses micrometers, gauges and other measuring equipment used to determine clearances, dimensions and other aspects of correct assembly of the mechanical systems on these, in other words, you're equipped with tools, skills and knowledge similar to an authorized BMW motorcycle repair facility authorized to make repairs to BMW motorcycles. The only difference is, you're not authorized to have a BMW logo on your front door.

So, here we have a skilled mechanic who has performed this HES repair previously with no prior experience regarding the specific repair in question who made the repair such that the outcome was a properly operating BMW motorcycle and it did not cost $2000.00 and the expectations of a properly running motorcycle were met or exceeded and whereas, the official BMW Motorcycle Repair Facility in Canada attempted to perform this repair and made the repair unsuccessfully with the result that the motorcycle did not operate and therefore, the Official BMW Motorcycle repair facility began to install additional new BMW parts on the motorcycle in question in an attempt to "get lucky" and achieve the expected result, and whereas the rightful owner of the motorcycle in question realized that this practice was going to cost him in excess of the fair market value of the motorcycle if he did not stop the authorized Official BMW Motorcycle Repair Facility from randomly installing new parts with the attending labor costs.

Your honor, the defense rests.
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