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Hey Rockcat - sorry about the ads.
At least if you watched the English subtitled ones, you got to see all 20 mameshiba videos, ad-free!

Day 52: 8/12/12 continued
Christmas Valley, OR to Ram Horn Campground, CA 306 miles

If you donít remember Crane Mountain, it was here,
page 4 of the Summer of Stupid...

Here's a quick re-cap from 2010 - we were just following our OBDR tracks, when the trail got really faint.
We weren't sure if it was the right way, but Matt saw some quad tracks, so we kept going.
And going.
It got rocky.

And then we hit snow.
Lots of it.

Enough so we didnít want to turn around and go back.
Norm kept telling us the trail continued, just a mile or so ahead.
So we kept on going, even though it meant wrestling the bike through snow.
And lots of ATGATT hiking for me.

So, Crane Mountain had showed up on our OBDR route and we figured it was part of the trail
However, no one else really mentions it.
Iím thinking it might have been more creative Delorme/Norm/Matt routing (and not the GPS tracks)...
Who knows?

But, weíre glad to have found Crane Mountain.
I mean, it was tough in the snow. Brutal, really.
But, satisfying.
And we enjoyed it.

Matt and I were both looking forward to seeing Crane Mountain, without snow.

So, back to Day 52...
We were going North to South this time, so everything looked a little different...

Things started to look familiar, right about here.
Norm said the trail was to the left...

There it is!

Last time, this road had some snow


Not the exact spot, but close.


Here we go!

I was able to match up one of the snow pics...

With snow, 2010

Without snow, 2012

And another - this one is a little harder.
Hereís the snow version. See that big rock?

There it is, on the left. We were approaching from the other direction this time.


Same section of road, sans snow (from the opposite direction).

Last time, to get around the giant snow drifts,
we had to go behind those trees and through those rocks...

Snow blocking the road.


Nice and clear in 2012! (Looking from the opposite direction)
I tried to include that stubby tree for reference (on the right, below)


Woo hoo!!

So that was the easy stuff.
The only thing that made that section hard last time was the snow.

The rocky, more challenging parts of the trail were still up ahead...

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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