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Sorry for the lack of communication!

I have been taking it easy, enjoying a few video games to distract myself. My road rash is almost gone, the skin-bruises are fading, the bone-bruises will be around for a while, I imagine. My right knee, shin, and elbow appear to have such bruises. No pain on motion, everything bears weight fine, but exterior pressure hurts, so I still can't kneel, for example.

I am reluctantly coming to the conclusion that I likely have a couple of hairline fractures in my wrist. Initially, recovery was rapid, but after the first couple of days it plateaud and has not gotten much better in the past few days. I have full range of motion, nothing is dislocated or looks "off", but I still can't carry much weight (unable to carry a gallon of milk in that hand without pain), and any twisting motion is still painful (I can't open jam jars very well now). Not exceedingly omg-I-need-vicodin painful, but definitely dissuasive. Based on where it hurts and looking at anatomy references, I suspect that I fractured the scaphoid and the tip of the radius. We'll see.

I am likely going to need to get this x-rayed. This has made me grumpy because I don't like dealing with doctors at the best of times, and I try not to think about the eventual bill (though I do think I qualify for financial aid, so that might help). I may be frugal but if this sets incorrectly it could fuck up this hand for the rest of my life. Not worth it...

So anyways! That's what's been going on. Pretty much nothing. I'm waiting for my wrist to improve before I do much work on the boxes, I don't really trust my clumsy left hand and I don't want to aggravate the wrist, especially if it's trying to set. Right now I can't operate the tarp straps that hold my camping gear down, and if I can't camp, I can't really leave. So I'm more or less grounded until I sort this out. I will bring this RR up to date soon. Sorry about the delays, I've just mostly been in a mood for escapism lately. I do read and appreciate all the comments, and I will reply when I feel up for it.

So stop worrying!
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