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Today is May the 30 and I woke up very early the roosters of the city are still sleeping. Last night I was surprised by the sound of a trumpet that was playng some military music. This morning I can ear two voices, female and male that are speaking with a military background music. Shit, right near a barracks I had to find to sleep. When I was preparing the bike I understood that therís no one barracks, but public loudspeakers that are broacasting national governament programs.
For some minutes I rested near the bike, thinking how little we estimate in my country ( and in the rest of western world) the right to can speak free, to organize demonstration, read any newspaper and so on.
I think that sometimes people that cover theirs faces and walk in to the streets breaking cars and shop windows should live for some month in this kind of country.
Ok sorry for this digression, but at the age of 7 years I read the biography of Martin Luther King and even today I admire black and white people that in the 60ís walked along streets askings for human rhigts

Ok Iím 120 km (75 miles9 far from Halong Bay: sounds reasonable to can reach it around noon. Ok itís easy have resolutions: the difficult part is to comply with them. Suddendly I saw schoolchilds that are walking into the school. This is the first time that I can see this: ok I can reach Halong Bay even around 1 pm

I look at the boys and it seems to me that the age goes from 4 to 13 year. Nobody speaks english, but some adult (teacher ?) invited me to take a tea. In my italian-Vietnamese phrasebook there are 4 names of job and one is techer: correct, they are teachers.

Finally I can comunicate. A teacher speaks alittle bit of english and she eplain to me that the school takes kids from 4 to 15 years old. Almost all the kids are very poor, from farmer families and someone has to walk for two hours to reach the school.
This remind to me my father, that after the 2nd World War from 6 to 10 years old had to walk for 7 km ( 4 miles) to reach the primary school.
Today is a special day: is the final day of the academic year, and there will be a party. I had seen a mike and two big loudspeakers and this is the reason. The teacher ask to me to remain as ď special guestĒ. Mhh my schedule includes to arrive in Ha Long Bay by noon...sorry schedule, but Iíve got to change something and I decided to remain

I was sitting in the lateral desk, with the teachers

the kids were lined up in rows, divided by age...a little bit military, imo

One of the teachers goes to the mike and (I think) introduce the party

After 5 minutes of speech the party starts. In turn little groups of kids perform songs, little ballets with some backgrounds music. Iím impressed: with very few material means they prepared a very nice exibition.

This little group was very funny: they were dancing pantomiming some animals

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