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After a hal hour of show a teacher, totally black dressed came to the mike and everibody
Hush...could be the principal. Whitout one expression on the face, she begins to speak. By the time the sun is coming out. After 30 minutes of speech some of the most littel kids begins to turn down the head and support each to other. Some teacher wake up: ohh I think they are bringing kids in the shadows of the teachers are bringing some umbrella to the most little kids to can protect from the sun !

One of the little girls looks at me desperately. I read my Italian-Vietnam phrasebook and write on a shit paper the words Help and Get out she smile. After the first hour finally thechers take little kids to the shadow of trees. Gradually all the kids move back to the shadow

The principali s an Iron Woman and continue to read to the empty square: this is the situation after one hour and half

Ok this i san insane situation and I begin to go away: the sound of the voice is alwys the same. But suddendly I understand what incredible experience Im having. Im not in a Vietnamese school, but as Pinocchio Im in the belly of the whale, the belly of the monster. Im speaking of the the orrible monster that with different colours and slogan you can find all over the world, always during the human history: the dictatorship. This person with the mike isnt a principal: she is the voice and the arm of the government.. Ok the Vietnam of the present days is very very different from the Vietnam of the 70s and 80s but this situation reminds to me the dictatorships of Russia of Stalin, or the Cile of Pinochet, or the Cina of Mao or the Cambodia of Pol Pot, or the iran of Saddam Hussein. This is an amazing chance to experience first-hand the real life of the country: Im lucky. After two hours (really) clouds cover the sun...and the teachers bring the kids on lines in the square. This Vietnamese kids are tough: all live. After 2 hours and 15 minutes the torture is finished and the teachers are preparing the shool award ceremony

A teacher goes to the mike: I think to call the kids...ohh my God: another hal hour of speech !!!!
Finally begins the award delivery and as in ever dictatorship the bureaucratic machine misfire. The awards arent correctly separated by ages and so after every group delivery the teachers had to check and most of the time change the award. With the awards the kids receive even some album that they can paint

Ok the ceremony is over and I can go: Im a little bit tired, but I think to these kids that had to come back home and probably help the family in the work. The principal smile at me, I smile too, but Id like to can lash she and force to listen again her speech for almost ten times. Ok I can drive now...without forget the rain...Im in the monsons time

Ha Long

Ha Long is a must see not only for foreign tourists, but for every Vietnam people.

The seafron is full of luxury hotel (real 5 star) , but my guidebook drive me to a road full of cheap placet: ok 7 $ for a night. I leave my stuffs in the room and go outside to undertand how it works the reservation of a boat journey in the bay. Ha Long is a seaside resort: very interesting to can see the Vietnam people on the beach.

Obviously is a no-topless zone

I reach the point of embarkation. At the tourist office nobody speaks english, but a lot of people approach tome: Im the only western tourist at the moment. Rates are from 20 to 100 $( 15 to 75 ). Ok a old woman tell to me 18 $, 4 hours of tour and two visit to the cave in the islands around the bay. Tomorrow at 8 am. Ok

Its dinner time, but befor to eat I want to see almost one 5 star hotel: just the hall. I choice one and in fact is a really 5 star location. Staffvery good dressed, english speaking, inside shops, gym, restaurants, piano bar ecc.. Ok after 10 minutes I get out and right outside the hotel, a young man comes close to me and in a not bad english asks to me Hey mister, would you like to have some funny boom boom tonight ? He thinks that Im a Hotle guest.Ok always you can find pimps near luxury places: maybe could be fun to speak with this guy. Would you like to have a nice girl mister ? And he begin to show to me pictures of girls with a cellular phone...ok the screen is very big, more similar to a tablet: hes a professional pimp. After some minutes I tell to him that Id like to have fun, ( boom boom) but I need of 3 girls. He had a big big smile: low season and he can place not 1 but 3 girls at the same time. He asks why 3: I explain that I need of 3 girls and 2 big beds. Ok he understood: 2 girl togheter in one bed and me and the 3th girl in the other bed. Almost correct my friend I answer, but while the first 2 girls play togheter, the third has to rope me and cut my skin with a little special knife that Ive got with me and hit my back with a whip or a belt. Now hes looking at me with wide-eyed...stammer for a moment, but suddendly says: Ok mister the price is higher, but thers a girl in Ha Long that does this kind of activity I cant belive it: in the North of Vietnam, the traditional Vietnam you can find sado maso fun. He shows me a picture with a masked girl hanging a whip. The problem is check if shes free tonight. A short call and he says that tonight the girl isnt avilable. Ok I answer: no problem, organze everything for tomorrow night, becuse Im having a week of rest here in Ha Long . Ok for tomorrow at 6 pm and we shake the hands.

Ok now is really time to eat

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