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I've had a really shitty time with Hutt as well. The first time I ordered a few normal bits (oil filters, etc) and one odd thing (a vent hose that the exhaust had melted). I fully expected the vent hose to be backordered, but it ended up taking over 3 months for it to finally arrive.

Last November I ordered some more normal stuff (chain + sprockets), backordered again. I waited about three months, and finally called and cancelled the order. I reordered the same stuff from KTMWorld and got it in under a week. I moved across the country, and about a month later half of my order shows up at my old address, a good five months after the original order date. I had the people at my old address mail it back and had to call to cancel the other half of the order AGAIN. They of course had no record of my previous call.

The excuse I got both times was that they were "upgrading the system". Not much of an upgrade if you ask me.
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