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Originally Posted by Feyala View Post
Sorry for the lack of communication!

I am likely going to need to get this x-rayed. This has made me grumpy because I don't like dealing with doctors at the best of times, and I try not to think about the eventual bill (though I do think I qualify for financial aid, so that might help). I may be frugal but if this sets incorrectly it could fuck up this hand for the rest of my life. Not worth it...
I just got caught up with this fantastic ride report. Feyala you have done an awesome job here and it is inspiring to read about your adventure and outlook on life.

Like you I really do not like doctors, hospitals and all that crap. Even though it will be costly get it checked out, get it checked out. I was involved in a motorcycle crash and did not get looked at because I figured I was fine and it was only bruises and a bit of road rash. However I had dislocated my hip and eventually it got to the point where I couldn't even get my leg over the saddle. Because I was moron and waited like a month to get it looked at it took nearly four times as long to recover from. The worst part is it made miss almost an entire riding season.
Beside I am sure we all want to hear more of your adventures!

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