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Here is a link to the TBS on a 990 SuperDuke:

by lockers Sat Jun 21, 2008 1:20 am
I use the vaccum hoses that connect to the IAP (intake air pressure) sensors. Theres one on the frame beside the left side of the airbox and one just behind the radiator filler cap on the right. It's just small sensor with one thin hose and elec plug connecting to it, mounted in a rubber holder. Just pull the hose off, stick a joiner in the end of the existing hose and then connect the carbtune hose to that. You must disconnect the Elec plug too, or it will stall when running. You will have an FI light to come on too, due the the disconnected IAP sensors but don't worry about that.

The adjustment/balance screw is inside the airbox, on the left side of the rear throttle body. You need to raise the tank/remove the air filter to get to it. Then just tweak it until she's running sweet and re-assemble.

I do mine every minor service.

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