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Nov 3 Cuota Hell

Gerardo stopped by at 9 to escort me out of town and send me off. Stopped in the next town along the way for the first Mexican smorg I’ve seen. Frickin great – choose from a number of tortillas – I took two giant quesadillas and then wander around the table and help yourself to a bunch of different fillings. Outstanding!

Left Gerardo and headed south. Wanted to ride Hwy 15 east of Morilia but without going into Morillia – I always make it more difficult on myself when I'm trying to make it less difficult by avoiding a city or some cuotas.

So, the subtitle today is cuota hell! Firstly, got on a cuota I wasn’t planning on – signs didn’t make sense. Pull up to the booth and look up at the price board . . . $150p for cars and motos. Crap! A new federal law was passed last year that decreed that motos are supposed to be half price. Some States (who run the cuotas) have been slow enacting this and I have not seen any yet in my limited cuota travelling but have heard reports of some discounts occurring. Guy tells me it’s $107p . . . well, that’s a little better than full price but what’s wrong with HALF FRICKIN PRICE? Sorry, did I yell?

So off I go, pass a Federal Cop (oops!) who gives me a peace sign. Cross these incredibly long swamps and a shallow lake, make a wrong turn onto another Cuota, well I planned to be on this one but going the other way. Took me 16 km before I finally found a spot where some construction guys had built a dirt road to the other side across this fairly impassable ditch. Get turned around and find the road I’m supposed to be on – cuota . . . no leaving - whiz right under the road I was supposed to turn on . . . I am on this forever . . . it seems like I'm going around and around never to leave cuotas again . . . my own form of hell!

Finally find an exit . . . onto another Cuota . . . couple more tolls, weren’t quite as bad. Could see the road I needed to get on to get to the road I wanted to ride – anyhow, after wandering around 2 towns and a hospital (parking lot – visiting day) finally found Hwy 15 I was looking for. Started off good then got really good then got wet then got foggy – still enjoyable but would like to do it again when it is dry and visibility is good.

Arrived in Zitacuaro and went looking for a hotel that was supposed to be decent. Wasn’t on my GPS so was trying to use a Tripadvisor map . . . which obviously wasn’t accurate – drove all over the area. Came back into town – they had a water puddle in one intersection with over a foot of water in it from the rain. Found Hotel Mexico, underground parking, internet and hot water - $350p – golden

Wandered into the hotel’s restaurant which was quite busy and started looking through the menu. Uhhh, you have any food? No, we just serve coffee. Huh? OK, any restaurants around? Girl asks the manager and he embarrassingly says they really don’t have much in town – there is a taco shop across the street. Works for me.
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