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Originally Posted by Splisken View Post
Hi Thanks for the write up. I own Fastway Evo2 pegs for my EXC and agree that they build quality equipment. I have been pondering these Adventure pegs for my SE but I would need to mount them in the "LoBoy" position. Would you be able to add any information on how well they fold in this position or how much lower they sit? My EVO2s dropped my feet roughly .75" at least in practical leg position if not actual vertical height. I measured it at my knee vs the tank while sitting on the bike.

It appears from the pictures that you are using the "LoBoy" position is why I ask...

One additional tip...I believe the springs are intended to go inside the frame mount (I notice you have the top over/on the mount). You will avoid a lot of wear on the frame mount by squeezing it inside and get a bit more resistance from the least if it works the same as the EVO2s.
In the pic where I show the peg folded up, that's about the same angle as stock. Since the peg is longer it does stick out more when folded.

I should have measured from the floor to the peg when I switched them to get a good comparison of drop. It's somewhere in the neighborhood of 1/8-1/4 inch at the peg. I'm running the longer traction pins (set screws) so they're probably closer to the stock height than they could be with shorter pins. I really don't notice that much difference, but I'm probably just not very sensitive to it. They are a BIG platform to stand on. That is something I notice in a big way. I have these on my 990 R and I keep thinking I need to order a second set for my SE!

On the spring, I remember trying it both ways and the way I have it seemed to work the best. There wasn't quite enough space to get them totally inside the footpeg bracket.

Originally Posted by snowhawk jockey View Post
Nice write up!
Those look the treat.
Better than the all billet alu ones I keep seeing.

They are billet aluminum, actually. I really like the design of these pegs. It seems like a lot of thought went into them.
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