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Thanks for all the recommendations, guys. I'll be staying a little longer than I originally planned just to try and take more of New Orleans in. Pics were shot at 12:30 (which reminds me, I need to change the time on the camera now that I'm not in +3 timezone!).

Camera is a Sony DSC RX100 (which replaced my Canon that malfunctioned in Boston). Settings for these pics were all at/around f/4.5, 0.8" w/an ISO speed of 125. Other than cropping and a few burns none of these pics were Photoshopped. Not shooting with a tripod is what gives the pics the smudgy, impressionistic quality. Outside of Lafitte's I did rest the camera for one shot on a woman's bike seat. Some dude came hauling ass out of the bar to threaten me to stop messing with his bike. (Not a girls bike after all I guess!) Now, I'll have to be honest--I do not go looking for fights. But when they come to me I relish the opportunity. Now, cheerful enthusiasm has to rank as a benign and un-threatening emotional state. But in the face of danger, delight may tend to come across as psychopathic. Apologies, a retreat, or both are typically the result. This guy chose curtain number two and disappeared back into the bar....

On the topic of violence, I have to say that New Orleans has gone downhill in the past few years. I'd been here both pre and post-Katrina and there are more threatening and aggressive dudes than ever. They typically hang out on the fringes of the French Quarter (wanting to make a quick hit before disappearing across Canal St.), but they're here in greater numbers than I've seen in the past (even had a guy follow me after I used the ATM around noon). I still highly recommend visiting if you've never been, but a far greater amount of vigilance is needed here than most big cities (leave the fanny packs at home unless that's where you keep your HK).
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