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Dead airhead, what now?

Wonder if I can get some advice here? The other day I went out and started up the old r75 same as always, she irked right up and seemed to be ok. Here is the issue, I had it a little richer than normal because i had been tinkering with carb settings over the last week or so but she still started right up and seemed ok, at first. As I at there in the driveway with the choke on and engine warming I burped the throttle a few times and then BOOM, a big backfire! Oops! It sputtered and died and I have not been able to get her running again. I have had the carbs off a few times looking for dirt or something but find none, I seem to have spark at the plugs but it just spins over and backfires some times. Any thoughts? It would always fire right up before, maybe turn over once and catch and idle just fine. When I pulled the plugs looking for spark I did take a flashlight and look into each cylinder, it seems that the valves are all moving ok as well as the pistons, it blows my hair back as I look into the plug hole...hummmm
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