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Have you tried this set-up yourself? Longer lever = easier pull but less rotation at the shaft. With added length is there still enough rotation to fully engage and disengage the clutch? I understand this (not enough throw) is an issue with some of the aftermarket aftermarket hydraulic set-ups. Have heard of several early clutch failures due to clutch drag.
I have a Wunderlich clutch lever and the settings allow the clutch lever to sit closer the bars at max adjustment. It's good for me as I have some tendon issues in the left hand but essentially I'm getting a slightly less complete disengagement of the clutch when lever is set that way. I use the extreme setting when my hand is acting up. I suspect that extending the lever at the other end of the cable would have the same effect. As the slack is set per the manual it's only the disengagement that is affected. I understand that the hydraulic kit also has less overall travel than the stock. Sadly the takeaway is that there's no free lunch!
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