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So, I signed the divorce papers, hopped on my little 250cc Honda Rebel, and left in search of myself.
I departed with a very vague plan, and no experience road tripping on a bike,
on what I hope to be a 1+ year long trip.

The basic plan is to slowly work my way east, crashing on couch's when I can,
camping when I can't. Perhaps swing through Mexico if my passport arrives in time
for the International Rainbow Gathering.
No real time frame, as long as I can live off $28 a day then I can stay on the road indefinitely.

I left San Luis Obispo headed for Bakersfield for the first night, VIA the 58.
Dropped the bike twice on the way - first time as i was pulling into a gravel turn off for a photo-op,
second time on a left hand curve which just happened to have...
gravel on it.
Gravel it would appear, is not my friend. No injuries to me, just some minor bruises -
but i bent the crash bars on my poor bike.
Turns out that all the nagging from my friend about my weight distribution was correct,
carrying everything so high made the bike *very* unstable at low speeds.
Kinda like having a passenger who doesn't understand "Keep your feet on the pegs!".
I arrived in bakersfield as the sun went down (took me 4 hours, but i was taking my sweet time along the way).
Decided to stay an extra night in bakersfield to hammer the crash bars back into position and
come up with a solution to the instability.
The new setup:

Same amount of gear, but much lower. Feels more stable.
Left for Los Angeles around 8:30am. While i prefer twisty roads and winding highways,
i decided to take the I-5 to L.A. to check how the bike rides before hitting less travelled routes.
Seems to be riding better, but i think i need to ditch some excess gear.
Perhaps cut my clothing down, or ditch a few books.
I-5 through the mountains was freezing and terrifying at times - an Orange Star Stage bus kept tailgating me down every hill.
I tried my best to pretend the bike was stable and that there was no chance of me going down in front of this bus-
I didn't, it eventually passed to intimidate other drivers.
It turns out that my gloves aren't going to cut it, my fingers kept going numb from the cold.
I kept smiling through it, and knew i was close to L.A. when people started driving as if they had
no regard for human life.

I missed L.A., it's my second home. Looks like i'm stuck in L.A. until Saturday morning waiting on a new front tire.
I was supposed to call ahead and order it last week, it was forgotten in the whirlwind of prep.
Next leg should take me to Vegas on saturday, then down through Phoenix after that.
I'll plan the rest of the waypoints along the way, and do my best to avoid snow.
Will update again when I hit vegas or phoenix.

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I apologize for the odd formatting, it's showing up rather oddly on my netbook.
More to follow soon.
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