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Back out on the highway I spot 2 bikers on the side of the road cooking breakfast. I stop and introduce myself.
These guys are on their way to Argentina, they're taking their time, I believe they were only going to go up the road another 20 miles or so to make camp, that's when the subject of time came up. We're not sure what day it is or the time. I guess that's a good thing when traveling.
But I look a the GPS and see it's only 11:00. I can see I won't be traveling with these guys, and then I look at the calender and discover it's Wednesday.

Crap, I've got to get moving. I've scheduled the ferry for Thursday online to help with my lack of Spanish and the confusion I would be in, also I had found out that by booking online you can save a little bit of money.

In the mean time this lady pulls up and starts talking to these guys in a mix of Spanish, English and French. We all kinda of start laughing at this, but she's better prepared for Latin America than I am.
I love meeting the people on the road and hearing how they're traveling and where they're going, but I've got to get going if I want to make it to the bottom of Baja and then come back up to La Paz to catch the ferry.

I get confused going through La Paz but find my way to the highway that leads towards Todos Santos.
It was a long ride, but I make it before sun down and start to ride through to make up time, but when I reach the end of town, I pull off the road and look at the map.
I really don't want to rush but time is getting away. There's so much to see, but this town looked interesting to me. So I turn back, I can make that loop tomorrow.

I find this hotel behind the laundry mat for 350 pesos.

My room was the first one on the left, wheel chair accessible.

It's across the street and around the corner from the famous and all booked up Hotel California.

The hotel is very accommodating and understands my desire to make sure my bike is locked up and gives me a room that they say my bike is welcome to go into.
A concept I never thought about, asking, I usually just put the bike in, and hope no one would see.

I check my e-mails and see the guys at work have been following my SPOT and a link to my smugmug page. They're upset that I don't have any photos of the women of Mexico. So I leave my room and set out on a determined to find the girls of Mexico and make my work friends happy.

I find one doing some kinda photo shoot. I sneak in for one.

The photographer gives me the evil eye so I turn to take a photo of the mission behind me.

I go for another and he's had enough of me. They pack up.

I go back to the Mission.

There's something going on in there so I leave, don't want to walk in on something personal.
And now I follow the model and the photographer.

There doing a commercial inside the Hotel California, but I feel it would be really bad to have the flash go off as there recording so I give them their peace. I can only give the guys these photo's of 1 girl, but I'll keep my eye out.
When taking the road less traveled it's hard to find girls out in their bathing suits waiting to have their pictures taken.

But I continue to walk around town.

And find comedy.

My favorite. I should have a T-shirt made up like this.

Todos Santos seems to be a popular spot for the Gringo's. Once in the middle of town I find it hard to find a taco stand so I settle for a sandwich shop, I'm the only customer but they produce a very hearty sandwich and I sit there by myself eating. When done I look for someone to pay and soon enough a lady comes out, we try talking, she's trying to speak English and me Spanish, this would have been a great opportunity during dinner to learn Spanish, but the business is done and I head back to my room.
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